This is course of React Native cookbook free in PDF. This course is very useful for developers to build well organized react apps. React is defined as a efficient, declarative and malleable JavaScript library which is used for building user interfaces. It allows you to create complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called components. React can be make of as a base within the improvement of versatile applications. In this course you will learn how to make or create an well organized React Apps.

In this course you will learn some code examples for more practicing. After reading this course you will be able to understand all React concepts and create your own React App. This course is free of cost. You can download this PDF course easily. Mostly react is used for griping the view layer and also be used for development of mobile applications and building different websites.

In this course these topics are in detailed:

Living in the React Native Ecosystem

  • Stop Repeating Yourself: Implement Custom Components
  • Adding an Open Source Progress Bar
  • Sharing Custom Components
  • Routing Between Login Screens
  • Using Redux for Global State Management in Redux

Style and Design

  • Composing Stylesheets
  • Building Flexible Layouts with Flexbox
  • Importing Image Vectors and Icons
  • Looping Animations

Managing Hardware Platforms

  • Asking for Permission to Use Device Hardware
  • Fetching Paginated Requests
  • Save Application State with Redux and Local Storage

Making Your App Maintainable

  • Protect Your Components with PropTypes
  • Check Runtime Errors with Flow
  • Automate Your Component Tests
  • Maintain Coding Standards with ESLint
  • Write Your App with Reason

Lift Off Sharing Your App

  • Automate Publishing Your App
  • Sharing Your iOS App with Beta Testers
  • Configuring Application Settings

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