Artificial intelligence is the emerging branch of science which aims to create intelligent also comes under the tree of computer science. The purpose of the artificial intelligence is to make machines capable of doing equally what a man can do. The key traits of artificial intelligence are deduction reasoning and problem solving. Artificial intelligence is common area focus in both science and projection which further stressed on future of technology and its impact on society .

History of artificial intelligence:

In 1941 first electronic computer was 1956  the term artificial was introduced after that they started work on it and finally in 1960s a checker playing program was introduced which was able to playing programs with 1980s a quality control system was developed and finally after a great hard work in 2000 there was first  walking robot was introduced, after that the era of artificial intelligence activates.

Modern era of artificial intelligence with pros and cons:

The Roberts Rights says the influence of artificial intelligence in society is thoughtful area of study in this era. Now a days artificial intelligence has successfully been used in variety of fields which includes medical diagnostic , Law , stock trading robot control , scientific discovery and web search engine as well .videos games which are shared world wide are influenced with artificial intelligence .toy are also be subject to artificial intelligence .

An expert system also comes under the umbrella of Artificial intelligence an expert system is a computer program which is designed to act as an expert in particular domain or area of expertise. These experts sytems of artificial intelligence are designed to assist the experts like in the fields medical diagnostic or in chemical analysis in medical files it can enhance the accuracy to diagnosis of diseases. X ray machines are also result of intelligent machine. But if we talk about the peaks of this intelligent machines in future it may replace the human . Cognition to artificial intelligence.

This era of artificial intelligence from self modifying to self replicating can be an alarming situation in future it can leads to dangerous and unexpected result. In short  the  application of artificial intelligence has  provide ease in different fields and sharpen the human reasoning but on the other side it complexity of machines and cognition to artificial intelligence may leads to some serious challenges like human replacing.

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