You may have heard from your instructors about the importance of data structures and algorithms enough times to be a seasoned software developer. In managing your apps, which may be frontend like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, data structure is crucial. Yes, managing your website or app is a difficult task. For example, if a user needs to search for someone on Snapchat, you don’t want them to have to wait long, so you’ll implement the backend so that queries happen more quickly. However, because there is no user contact with the backend, we as users are unable to see the majority of the application or website, or the backend. Thus, you are unable to observe what is truly taking place in the backend.

For example:

For instance, if you believe you don’t need something, you probably didn’t participate in the difficult duties.

If your list view page only contains 10 records for employees. Yes, you don’t need to code effectively because the site will still function properly in the worst case scenario.

But suppose you have to design a really good UX for the entire page while displaying the records of 100 employees on a single page, with each item having many more interactions. Yes, you must be familiar with algorithms if you want to build effective code.

Re-rendering and other factors have caused me a great deal of performance problems as a front end developer. We should have good DS skills in order to solve those issues.

You should be familiar with data structures and algorithms if you wish to work as a software developer of any kind. If you’re not employing data structures and algorithms, according to the purist in me, you’re not really doing software. It’s not necessary to know their formal names, yet software development isn’t happening without them. We must realize that even while being a software developer may be our ultimate objective, only by having a solid understanding of data structures can we build a solid foundation. So learning data structures would be our top priority. We now understand how crucial DSA and development are to honing our programming skills. Therefore, it is quite advantageous to practice both of them.


In general, data structures are a necessary skill for web developers. Absolute novices should place more of their attention on learning the skill by studying a programming language and creating things.

However, data structures should become a significant part of your toolkit as your web development career advances. Make sure you are informed because they can help you get opportunities and you’ll be questioned about them throughout the interview.

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