The use of data structures and algorithms in computer programming is the topic of this book. A computer programmer’s competence is the ability to create an effective algorithm to solve a computer science problem. In an interview, tech firms like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and many others search for this competence. You must be a C++ language developer to read this book. Although you lack language expertise in C++, you are well versed with concepts such as references, functions, arrays, and recursion. This book is excellent and adheres closely to the technical details in all respects. Additionally, the practical demonstration view does a great job of providing accurate step-by-step explanations of algorithms, coding procedures, and potential consequences.


Since many common problems are solved with computers, problem solving is a crucial ability for computer science students to possess. It is important to note that computers cannot solve problems on their own. We must provide clear, step-by-step directions on how to remedy the issue. Therefore, the effectiveness of a computer in solving a problem depends on how exactly and correctly we characterize the problem, create an algorithm to solve it, and then use a programming language to implement the algorithm to create a program.
So, the process of identifying a problem, creating an algorithm to solve it, and then putting the method into practice to create a computer program is known as problem solving. The interviewers are particularly interested in observing how candidates employ DS and Algorithms, such as Hash Tables, Trees, Graphs, and other algorithms, to solve problems. This knowledge helps candidates solve these problems quickly and effectively. Businesses are concentrating on algorithms because they need creative individuals to create algorithms that can save them tens of thousands of dollars. The most popular websites in the world are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Maps. Product-based businesses only hire people who can optimize their software in accordance with user demand because handling more users on these sites demands more optimization. In the digital world, data structure offers the ideal method of information organization. A crucial element of computer science, the data structure is extensively utilized in the fields of artificial intelligence, operating systems, graphics, etc. Data structures, which make it simpler for programmers to organize data, are significantly used in computer algorithms. A good data structure can improve a computer program’s or algorithm’s performance in a more effective way. We must better comprehend the nature of the problem as well as, in turn, better understand the world as a whole by combining data structures and algorithms.

Topics covered by book:

  • Book start from Chapter 0 which is about How to use this book. Then Chapter 1 is Introduction which is a Programming Overview.

  • Chapter 2 is Analysis of Algorithms. After this we learn Approach to solve algorithm design problems.

  • Chapter 4 is about Abstraction of Data Type.

  • Chapter 5 is all about Searching and its techniques.

  • Next chapter 6 is about Sorting and its types. Then

  • Chapter 7 is study about Linked List.

  • In Chapter 8,9,10 Stack Queue and tree we learn about their types and working.

  • Chapter 11 is about Priority Queue and next we learn about Hash-Table and Graphs

  • Chapter 14 is String Algorithms and its working. Then we learn Algorithm Design Techniques

  • After this Chapter 16 is Brute Force Algorithm. Then we will move to Greedy Algorithm

  • Chapter 18 is Divide & Conquer and  Chapter 19 is about Dynamic Programming.

  • In Chapter 20 and 21 we will learn about Backtracking and Complexity Theory.

  • In last two  Chapters we study about Interview Strategies and System Design.

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