A single codebase development framework is called Flutter. You can publish the Flutter-created application to Android, iOS, PC, and the web.

The ability to support platform-specific widgets is one of Flutter’s finest features. the Cupertino and Material sets of Flutter widgets.

The framework’s capacity to speed up the development and testing process is its second-best feature. It is simple for developers to create an app and test it in real-time because the hot reload facility and the framework are added to a single codebase. This in turn significantly affects how much it costs to develop mobile apps. Many free open source packages that help quick development are included with Flutter.

The Flutter website provides a wealth of tools for developers that are new to its declarative UI design and come from a variety of platforms. One of the main responses to “Why flutter for app development?” is the work that the Flutter team puts into its documentation.


Best-in-class IDE support for the Flutter framework is provided through plugins for IntelliJ/Android Studio and Visual Studio Code. Additionally, the Flutter mobile application development process just requires developers to be fluent in the Dart language rather than Swift, JavaScript, and other programming languages.

The use of Flutter can lower development costs. You don’t need platform-specific developers because of single-code bases. Additionally, there aren’t many testing requirements, so even with a tight budget, you can obtain cross-platform application development.

Flutter app development can assist in showing investors your MVP. It is not necessary to create separate apps for iOS and Android. You’ll save time and money by doing this. Additionally, you can create a straightforward MVP without separate backbends thanks to Flutter’s connectivity with Firebase. Therefore, it would be accurate to conclude that Flutter is the best platform for creating MVPs.

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