Help Your Kids with Computer Science is the ideal resource for learning more if you want to take full use of the digital world. This visual guide to computers, the Internet, and social media, which is ideal for home learning, explores how kids can make the most of computers while staying safe using step-by-step diagrams and pictures. It looks at computer technology, including how they work, the newest digital gadgets and software, and how the Internet operates. This unique book provides parents and children with the most recent and complete facts and information in a visually appealing style, covering everything from data to digital life, from computer code to cyber threats. It also helps parents and children feel more confident when dealing with issues like how to handle the dangers of social media and how to stay safe online. The explanation of complex and possibly terrifying ideas like hacking, Bitcoin, and malware is made easier with the use of unambiguous language, and learning about the field of computer science is made more fun with the use of vibrant pictures. This book is an accessible tool for parents who want to support their kids.

Why Computer Science:

It is essential for parents of young children to set their kids up for success in life. With the aid of an effective early childhood education program, you can get them off to the correct start. Children have the chance to comprehend the world and their surroundings more quickly and thoroughly thanks to computer science. Your kids’ critical thinking abilities will improve as they learn computer science concepts. To prepare them for the problems we will confront today and tomorrow, it is advised that youngsters learn computer science for at least an hour each day. Don’t wait until your kids’ digital abilities in elementary or secondary school are behind. Let children learn how to use computers while they are still young. To enter college and land decent employment later in life, they will need to become proficient computer users. It’s time for your kids to start learning the fundamentals of computer science. One of the best things you can do for your kids is to enroll them in a computer science education program.

Topics covered by this book:

  • Chapter 1 is about introduction like we will study that Computers are everywhere. Computing for you as well as Computing with others. What are Search engines. What is Cybersecurity.
  • Chapter 2 is What is computer science. What is Computing before computers. What is inside a computer and what are Peripheral device as well as  the computer chip. How modern computers compute. What is Processing and memory. What are Operating systems.
  • Chapter 3 What is hardware? What are  Desktop computers, laptops, Smartphones and tablets. How to Build-your-own computers . What are Wearable computers as well as Connected appliances Digital toys. What are Gaming consoles and Hidden computers.
  • Chapter 4 is about What is computational thinking?  Like what Decomposition and Abstraction. What are patterns and Algorithms.
  • Chapter 5 is about Data. What are Bits and digitization. What is Binary code as well as ASCII and Unicode. What are Logic gates and Databases. What are Encoding images Encoding audio and video. What is Encryption.
  • Chapter 6 is about techniques. What are early programming methods and Analogue programming. What are Applying algorithms and Boolean logic. What is Storing and retrieving data.
  • Chapter 7 is about Programming languages. What do programming languages do? What are the different Types of programming language.
  • Chapter 8 is about What is a network?  What are Types of network and Connections. What is The internet and the world wide web as well as Cloud computing and Streaming.
  • Chapter 9 is about Website and app construction. What is HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. How to Use JavaScript ans Developing and designing.
  • Chapter 10 is Digital behaviours. What are Online and digital identities. How to Maintaining balance. What is  Cyberbullying.
  • Chapter 11 is What is social media? What are Social media platforms and Sharing content. What are Social media apps.
  • Chapter 12 is about Digital issues. What is Digital literacy, Net neutrality and Global development.

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