This book serves as a step-by-step guidance for creating your first Microsoft Excel apps. It includes thorough projects that walk you through each step with illustrations and will give you enough practise to excel in the world of VBA programming. A specific number of pertinent topics, together with any appropriate visuals and activities, will be included in each chapter. will also teach you to the most typical mistakes new VBA users make so you can become familiar with them. This book covers issues such as app performance, security, and even app interactivity. It is really thorough and simple to understand. After finishing this book, you’ll achieve tremendous things. This book should be valuable and beneficial to you, I hope.


Visual Basic for Application is referred to as VBA. It is incorporated into the main Word, Excel, and Access Microsoft Office programmes. By adding user-defined functions, automating business-specific tasks, and gaining access to Windows APIs, users can further adapt apps to suit their particular needs. Users of Microsoft Office may be able to access features that are not directly available in the various Office apps by learning VBA programming. It is not necessary to have a background in VBA coding to record a macro, and it can be used for straightforward procedures. Large-scale data analysis and the creation and upkeep of complex financial models are both possible using VBA.

Topics covered by this book:

  • In Chapter 1 we will study about VBA Developer TAB  Accessing to the Developer as well as TAB

  • In the next Chapter 2 we will study about Macros, Making a Macro, Relative, References, Operating the, Macro as well as Saving a Macro-Enabled Workbook

  • Chapter 3 is all about Beginning with VBA. What if I have to fill the cells as much as 100? And Insert Kind Button, Easy issues a Macro can’t do, Insert ActiveX Button, Variables, Do and Loop.  What’s the benefit of declaring variables as byte, integer or some other? and APPs Efficiency

  • Next Chapter 4 is about Mission: Making a Easy Calculator utilizing ActiveX What’s a Module?  Find out how to create a Module and Including Letters?

  • Last chapter 5 is about Forms, command button codes, Excel formulas on VBA, combining VBA and Spreadsheet as well as Macro Security.