It is a combinational study of programming skills, domains knowledge, mathematical operations and statistical to extract a meaningful information of certain data

If you’re a data scientist then you have to learn many languages  you do not have to learn only a particular language that works only on particular platforms rather than you have to learn many languages on different platforms for instance for example you have to learn Python and in Python you have to learn other frameworks same for C++ usage for desktop applications and C# and its other frameworks for different purposes because in order to understand and organize data in much more exact way you should have required knowledge of certain things which are high in demand and which are extremely difficult for a simple user or for a simple scientist data scientist have to be much more accurate and much more competent in terms to understand how data is collecting and and how to organize that data and what would be the best scenario to organize this data in a much more compact way

If you are a data scientist your next step is to have grip on mathematics and statistical information for that purpose if you have a lot of data then you should know the basic algorithms how to make that data much more concise and much more accurate.

Data structure relation with Data science:

The relationship between data structure and data science it’s very basic if you have to find Pencil inside box full of pencils but that particular pencil should be different from all those pencils in our digital world what we’ll do is to create a specific unique ID for that pencil when we did that, we should find the basic algorithm to quickly get to that pencil and in those ways, we will find pencil much more quick and efficient way this example of pencil is same exactly or searching algorithms used in our computers in normal daily life

In today’s world Google is growing day after day what exactly Google does in its search algorithm is that if you put some keywords then Google start to making a search with those relevant words and the algorithm which is used behind that searching method is actually a quick search algorithm which states   the quick search algorithm which depends upon many factors for instance your browser settings your location the data and more importantly the keywords you have entered.

Data science and programming languages:

The relationship between data science and programming language is very vast because there are many programming languages and every programming language is built depending upon their different tasks for instance Python have many inbuilt python data structures which are very efficient for data structures Python like dictionary tuple and many libraries which actually gave us the facility to organize data in a much more easier and compact way for later use many data scientists learned many other different languages for example or for but you have to understand every language coming in our way to get the basic need to how to organize data in certain situation and make it much more compact and easy to understand for other user.

Data science life cycle:

  • The first initial stage is data manufacturing in this stage data is collected in its raw form and no amount of data is structured or compact
  • The second stage is data warehousing, data cleaning, sorting, managing, data processing
  • The third stage is to data classification and diffrentiation.

What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a set of well-designed, step-by-step instructions designed to solve a problem or perform a specific task. The task can be something as simple as multiplying two numbers, or a more complex operation, like playing a music file. In a computer programming context, algorithms are frequently created as functions.

Sometimes you hear people talk about algorithms in the context of social media and advertisement. For instance, say one day you’re online and you conduct a search on Google for leather gloves. You get your results and, feeling like you’ve accomplished something, you take a break and see if any of your friends are on Facebook. When you log in, you find yourself face to face with a Facebook ad for gloves! What gives? That’s an algorithm at work in digital marketing, automating the task of displaying ads for you based on your previous searches.

Basic relationship between data structure and data science:

Data structures are the organizational tools data scientists use to update, manage and index internet services efficiently. Data structures are also used as the basis for many algorithms, due to the way they can filter and sort large quantities of data.