In today’s digital world, where individuals are more connected than ever thanks to the internet, online theft and crime have become major problems. The ability to invade someone’s privacy is expanding, as are the alternatives and techniques available. Because of this, security is currently a hot topic among IT professionals. Even large corporations have experienced several financial setbacks and security breaches as a result of security problems. Understanding how it truly operates is the greatest strategy for handling it. This kind of hacking is referred to as ethical hacking. It should be noted that it is entirely legal and that it is currently very widespread in the world. Hacking is the act of changing a system’s functionality to achieve a purpose other than that for which it was originally designed. The most basic definition of hacking is gaining unrestricted access to data on a computer or system. This book offers a Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Virus, Penetration Testing, and Code Cracking. learning the fundamental security technologies needed to ethically hack and advance. You will learn the fundamentals of hacking from this book, along with the various types of hacking and how hackers think. You can understand how they can scan your system and access your computer by reading it, which will also help you learn why they are attacking your computers. This book provides a variety of easy-to-follow techniques for safeguarding your gadgets at home and at work, as well as for bettering your comprehension of internet security and core cybersecurity ideas. Additionally, you will learn efficient security measures and how to control cyber hazards. a programme of awareness with tools for attack and defence plan Art of hacking exploitation. You will learn how to better utilise hacking and how to defend yourself from the majority of hacking attacks as a result of reading this. You can test your own systems for weaknesses and simulate assaults using it. I hope you will benefit from and find this book useful.

Topics covered by this book:

  • Chapter 1 is about introduction of hacking. What is hacking? Chapter 2 is about classification of hacking. In this chapter we will discuss different kind of hacking.

  • Chapter 3 is about computer security. What is computer security, what are different kind of computer crime as well as what is the role of intelligence Agency. Chapter 4 is about Network system as well as how DNs working

  • Chapter 5 is about hacking attacks. What are different kind of hacking attacks? Chapter 6 is about hacking. How many hacking tools as well as how to use them?

  • Chapter 7 is about malware. What is malware and how to deal with it? Chapter 8 is about some common attacks as well as viruses. What is virus and its classification.

  • Chapter 9 is about password cracking. How to hack as email password? Chapter 10 is about penetration testing. What is penetration testing and how to deal with it?

  • Chapter 11 and 12 is about windows hacking tricks as well as internet hacking tricks. What different trick to hack window and how to use them?