This book is for beginners who want to learn Practical Python Programming should read. Python is a widely used language that is simple to comprehend and use. Python is pre-installed on the majority of PCs and is free and open source. This is a wonderful book that introduces Python programming in a manner that is simple enough for novices to understand. Python programming is a popular language that is easy for anyone to learn and master. It is also incredibly concise and can be used to construct almost anything. The main benefit of using Python is that, like Perl, Shell, and other interpreted languages, it doesn’t require an explicit compiler. Since Python is an open source and free language, it is installed by default on many operating systems, including Mac, Linux, UNIX, and others. Do you know that websites like Instagram, Spotify, and Pinterest were built using Python programming? After finishing this book, you will be an expert in this flexible code language and be able to use it to understand a range of examples that now include graphics! As previously said, you may use the language to construct anything you want, including websites, games, and search engines.

Topics covered by this book:

  • An Introduction to Python: Installing Python and Setting up the Environment is covered in Chapter 1.

  • ┬áCommon Python Syntax: Types of Variables in Python Using Operators and Operands is covered in Chapter 2.

  • Using Sequential Loops, Expressions, Strings, and Functions in Python are covered in Chapter 3.

  • ┬áMaking, Using, and Modifying Lists of Items and the Data Types Dictionary is covered in Chapter 4, and Operation and Functions as well as Date and Time Proficiency is covered in Chapter 5.

  • Defined Functions, Coding Organization with Modules, I/O Input Used in Python, Exceptions, and Assertions are covered in Chapter 6.

  • Python Regular Expressions, Python Multithreaded Programming, and object-oriented programming are all covered in Chapter 7.