In the world of information technology, cyber security is extremely important. Securing the information have become one of the major challenges in this era of technology .The emerging growth of technology has led to extensive growth of  issues and challenges related to  cyber security Governments and companies are taking many measures in order to prevent these cybercrimes but besides implementing these measures cyber security is still a very big concern to many organization and institutions as well .This article mainly focuses on role of cyber security in information technology.

Cyber Crime:

Cybercrime refers to robbery and other crimes committed with the aid of a computer. The US Department of Justice has broadened the definition of cybercrime to include any act that involves the storing of evidence on a device. Computer crimes, such as the spread of network intrusions and computer viruses, are on the rise, as are computer-based versions of traditional crimes like stealing, stalking, intimidation, and coercion. In layman’s terms, cybercrime can be characterized as crimes performed with a computer and the internet to steal someone’s identity, sell them to smugglers, stalk them, or disrupt activities with destructive software. Because technology plays such an important role in people’s lives on a daily basis, cybercrime is likely to rise in tandem with technical progress.

Cyber Security:

Privacy and information protection can be the primary security behavior which any company cares about continually. We prefer to square measurements currently in a highly digital or cyber-specific environment in which all the data are stored. While social networking sites provide a safe space for users to interact with friends and family, cyber thieves also use these sites to steal personal information.


This era of information technology has played a significant role in global communication and has become increasingly integrated into the lives of people around the world. In this modern era all aspects of human life, like healthcare, education, business, etc. has gradually effected by technology and it led to the storage of all sorts of information, including sensitive data of all the institution by using means of technology

This use of technology has led to many security challenges Security, is the process of protecting the digitized information from theft or from physical damage while maintaining the secrecy and availability of information but as technology is growing rapidly, the cybercrime rate also enhance both in number and complexity. The use of inadequate software, expired security tools, design faults, programming errors, freely accessible online hacking tools, lack of public knowledge, high rates of financial returns, and other factors are all contributing to this massive increase in cybercrime. Technical attackers build more powerful attack tools in order to investigate the target’s vulnerabilities and thereby attack the victim. (Tan et al, 2021)

As a result, new assaults in various forms are emerging that are harder to detect. The development of effective security algorithms has been aided by an increase in internet dependency in all walks of life, the digital nature of data in large volumes acquired through online transactions, and the decentralization of data repositories.

 The continuously changing nature of cybercrime also leads to the difficulty of handling and avoiding emerging threats. Because advanced threats play such a large role in cyberspace, it is the most demanding and challenging assignment. As a result, knowledge of security defense mechanisms, varied methodologies, and current subjects in the field of information security is required.

We witnessed an increase in sophisticated and targeted ransomware exploits in 2019.Specific industries were heavily victimized, including state and local government and healthcare organizations. The new, harsh reality is that attackers are devoting more time to gathering intelligence on their targets in order to maximize disruption and demand more ransoms. The FBI has changed its former stance on paying ransoms due to the severity of the attacks.

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