A chatbot is a computer program that basically produce personage discussion. It allows interaction between a human communication and machine communication by messages or voice instructions. A chatbot is actually a software that are designed for conversation.

Why Chatbots are useful in business:

  • It is cost Saving
  • Chatbot is the first potential customer with your business, that can be very personal than a conversation by e-mail or phone.
  • Chatbot does not depend on time it is available all the time.
  • Chatbots can increase your sales for example if you give all information and offers to user at exact time you will increase your business sale.
  • Sometimes consumers are not available to give response to the customers. By chatbots this problem is solved by easily because it give rapid response to the customers.

How to make a chatbot with python:

For making python Chat we will follow following steps:

  • Firstly we will need to install chatterbot library in your system.
  • After installation Import the classes of Python chatbot creation procedure.
  • After this it generate and the chatbot will talk with python chatbot.
  • This course tell you everything about Chatbots and complete methods to build it
  • This book covers almost everything that you need to build a chatbot
  • This book is about spending more and more time in doing things on your system.
  • Make sure that you will follow the steps as they appear in the book.

Detail topics of this book:

  • Detail of chatbot introduction
  • Need of chatbot
  • Decision tree of chatbot
  • Why we need to know natural language to processing to build a chatbot
  • Fundamental methods of NLP for Building Chatbots
  • Which Good things in NLP for Chatbots
  • Regular Expressions
  • Building Chatbots the easy way
  • Introduction to Dialog flow
  • Getting Started
  • Building a Food-Ordering Chatbot
  • Deciding the Scope
  • Listing Intents
  • Listing Entities
  • Building a Food Ordering Chatbot
  • Getting Started With Dialog flow
  • Points to Remember When Creating Intents
  • Creating Intents and Adding Utterances
  • How to develop your chatbot

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