This book is for people who want to master the fundamentals of computer science for practical reasons: they want to understand the concepts of computer science so they can become developers. The emphasis is on computer science’s practical applications. In same vein, many of the examples in Swift playgrounds are written in Swift, a modern language created by Apple. You’ll find practical talks of topics like debugging techniques and user-interface design that are critical to know if you want to build apps today. I hope you find this book very useful.

Computer science with swift:

Computer science degrees are among the most popular courses of study in the world. If you’re interested in computer hardware and software, you may already be aware that bachelor’s and master’s degrees in information technology lead to interesting and profitable professions. “Computing and computer technology are present in almost every aspect of our life, from the automobiles we drive to the movies we watch to the ways corporations and governments interact with us. Understanding different aspects of computers is part of an educated person’s skill set in the twenty-first century. Computer science is a separate realm. Obtaining a degree in the field can help you achieve your goals. This is due to the fact that computer science encompasses a wide range of career titles and prospects. It’s crucial to remember that computer science isn’t just for math or coding enthusiasts. There is a lot of variation, and computer scientists that are eternally curious, eager for a challenge, and appreciate problem-solving may be the best!

Swift is an excellent language for beginners. It is highly typed, forcing you to think about nulls. These characteristics will prevent novices from making mistakes that may cause a program to crash and be difficult to repair. Swift is a simple language to learn and to infect. It’s so simple that I’d think any two persons could figure it out. Swift is an easy-to-understand language with a lot of logic. It isn’t as verbose as Objective-C. What I mean is that things in swift are clear and concise, with no needless words. Here’s an example of Objective-C and Swift working together. Another advantage of Swift is that it allows you to immediately execute your output on a phone and demonstrate it to others. This may appear insignificant, but it is extremely crucial. The opportunity to present your work in many other platforms or languages is severely limited. As you advance in your training, this will stifle your confidence. When you create something with Swift, you can present it to others and also view the finished product for yourself.

The following is a list of the topics we will cover in this book:

  • We learn about computational thinking in the first chapter, then writing¬†code and use Swift Playgrounds in the next.

  • Then we go into Exploring Programming Paradigms in depth. Furthermore, we look at Using Algorithms.

  • Now and then have a look at Managing Control Flow: Repetition

  • After that, we’ll look at how to Work with Data: Collections.

  • Then we consider alternative ways to work with data, such as types.

  • After that, we’ll look at Control Flow Management: Conditionals, Switches and Enumerations.

  • Now we’ll explore at Data Storage and Data Sharing, and then we’ll talk about Building Components.

  • After that, we look at Using Events to Guide Actions. We will learn about X-Code.

  • End of the book you will learn about Graphic designing and visualization techniques and problems.

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